From the Desk of:  Kevin Runic – the creator of the Hookah Lounge Blueprint

Dear Fellow Vapor Lover:

Have you ever wanted to start your own business – one with low risk and high rewards?  Then this may be for you.  Vapor Lounges are popping up all over the U.S. and countries world wide.  Not only are Vape Shops opening to supply customers with vapes, mods, part, and ejuice – many are opening lounges that allows people to vape while in the store.

Similar to my other product, if you build it they will come.  Not only are smokers trying to quit the $5.00+ a pack cigarette habit, hookah users are looking for something that hits amazingly, has awesome flavor and is portable.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my hookah (as evident by my 1 kilo+ a week use at one time), it’s not always feasible for me to travel with a hookah, let a lone be able to drive around, safely,  while having a coal burning on a hookah.  Now I never leave the house without one of my vapes.

I have been waiting on the release of this product for several reasons, but the main one being current legislation.  I wanted to be relatively sure that regulations similar to prohibition weren’t going to fly in and destroy an entire industry – and I damn sure didn’t want to tell people this was a good business and then have that happen.  Although some regulations have come down and I’m sure more are to come.  However, I don’t see anything indicating that draconian laws will be established.

Making money on selling a vape, mod, coils and other parts/accessories isn’t your “bread and butter”.  E-juice is – it will bring residual income for as long as your customers continue to vape.  But another great source revenue is having a vapor lounge.   Even if you have a hookah bar or hookah lounge, you can easily add vapes and e-juice to your product offerings.  In fact I highly recommend it!  Did you know – 10ml of e-juice retails from about $5 to $7 a bottle…I’ll show you where you can get a GALLON of USA Made e-juice for less than $175.00.  There are 3,785.xx ml in a gallon, meaning 378 10ml bottles.  At $5.00 a bottle, that’s $1,890.00 retail.  At $7.00 a bottle, that’s over $2,600.00 in retail sales.  See why I say e-juice is your bread and butter?  I can easily vape 10ml a day.

In a lounge setting, you can rent vapes out and charge for e-juice refills.  People are social creatures, well most of us are.  Hookah lounges typically attract the 18-25 crowd (and up from there!) whereas vapor lounges and vape sales attract people 18-90.  Although the lounge users are typically going to be in the younger generations, you must not block out the 30+ crowd who would visit your lounge to purchase e-juice, coils, etc.  Doing so will dramatically decrease your overall sales potential.

If you’re wondering the costs involved – it’s much more expensive to open a vapor lounge than a hookah bar.  Why?  Let’s say you want to have an e-juice bar that has 50 flavors of e-juice.  Not only do you have to have the 50 flavors, you have to have them in different nicotine levels.  I recommend carrying/stocking 4 levels of each flavor.  Now that’s 200 different bottles.  At $175 a gallon (the cheapest overall way to purchase) that’s $35,000 alone in e-juice.  Now the company I recommend will give you 20% off that as well (bringing you down to under $140 a gallon!) but that’s still a lot of money to come up with.  With our business plan, you will have an awesome “resume” to present to local investors.  It’s extremely difficult to obtain a loan from the bank, unless you have other collateral to put up.  A small business loan for a vapor lounge probably isn’t going to happen as well.  After the 2008 crash, bank lending sucks!  Private investors is the way to go unless you’re financially able to fund it yourself.  Just as a comparison, you can start a hookah bar for under $10K (although we spend about $15k and up).

In addition to getting all the files from the Hookah Lounge Blueprint – you’re going to get a pdf file and a video with vapors and e-juice as the sole focus.  Initially, I was going to offer the Vapor Lounge Blueprint as a separate product from the Hookah Lounge Blueprint.  But after some consideration, I’m going to offer it all together as one package – at the still ridiculously low price of $49.00.  You get instant access to the files, even if it’s 4:20am!

To summarize, here’s what you’ll receive:

All files included with the Hookah Bar Blueprint including –

  • An 8 page Hookah Bar Business Plan – it blew a leasing agents mind!
    (easily change it to be just a vapor lounge)
  • Hookah Bar Menus
  • Employee Job Descriptions – for managers and regular employees
  • Cost vs Retail on beverages – find out how profitable beverages are!
  • Hookah & Shisha Vendor List
  • Learn how to get free and low cost advertising – let the media work for you!
  • A PDF file based solely on Vapors and e-juice
  • A video based solely on Vapors and e-juice
  • And much, much more!